Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bump on a Rump

I am totally amazed at the ingenuity of capitalism. Think of something just anything and I will bet you there’s a product for it. Today (Sunday) I got my morning coffee and sat down in front of the laptop to check my email and catch up on the latest search engine rankings when I accidentally ran across this one particular website. It was pretty much dedicated to what I would call prosthetic undergarments and was very inventive to say the least!
Now as I am certain that everyone has heard and seen padded bras at least once in their lifetimes including myself but here in front of me on the computer screen was something I had never seen before. Right before my eyes was something called “Bump on a Rump”! Yes that’s right Padded Panties. I can assure you that I have never seen such a thing or even imagined they existed. Panties for women that have padding in them to give the appearance they have a higher and bigger butt. Looking further I found something they called sticky buns, padded cones that stick to your butt cheeks. I thought to myself wow what will they come up with next?
My curiosity was very much piqued by this time so I had to investigate this further and upon further examination I saw such garments as “The Caboost”, “Bump on a Rump”, “Tush Cush”, “Fancy Fanny” and as you can imagine the list goes on and on. Now my imagination is running wild with scenarios. We’ve all heard stories of women pulling the proverbial toilet paper padding out of their bras but now it is just a minute I have to pop my butt off!! So now this beautiful curvy creature has transformed into a flat and skinny woman of less than average proportions. Just what were they thinking?
I am firmly convinced that people will buy just about anything. In our quest for instant gratification we stoop to all levels to satisfy our desires and beautification is no exception. Our society has become so influenced by the McDonalds philosophy that we have become extremely impatient in achieving our needs and desires. Instead of healing the wound we are accepting a quick bandaid to fix our deficiencies.
To add insult to injury there are even male garments. Yes men can have a bigger butt with padded underwear and yes they are even padded in the front also. We are very vain creatures aren’t we? So I wonder how he explains that one! There are ways to naturally increase the size and shape of virtually every part of the human anatomy including the buttocks. If your imagination is as vibrant as mine surely you can visualize the scenarios when they first present themselves.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lovely British Woman Dies From Silicone Buttock Injections

Police in Philadelphia are investigating the death of a British woman after an alleged hotel room silicone buttock injection procedure. Investigators say that 20 year old female Claudia Adusei, who had traveled from London, died in Pennsylvania on Tuesday after a large amount of free silicone was injected to help augment the patient’s buttocks. Detectives said the procedure, believed to have been arranged over the internet, took place at a hotel..
Buttock enhancement (gluteal augmentation) operations have gained in popularity in recent years across the country. Particularly with the increased visibility of reality television stars many women are finding buttock augmentation more desirable and plastic surgery to provide augmentation more acceptable. Many women desire a fuller, and more shapely bottom as they feel it is more attractive.
Although buttock augmentation with solid silicone implants can be done safely, they run the risk of serious complications such as nerve damage, implant infection and implant extrusion. Free silicone injections, although technically easier to perform, are fraught with even worse potential complications such as infection, silicone migration, silicone extrusion (through the skin), and silicone embolus not to mention they are illegal.
Currently, buttock augmentation with fat transfer is the safest technique for buttock augmentation. However, fat transfer is a real plastic surgery operation. If you are planning on undergoing buttock augmentation with fat transfer, here is what you need to know in order to do it safely:
Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Check his performance record with other patients he has performed this procedure on. Ask to see the procedure room and the credentials of all who will be attending to you both before and after. Ask to see pictures of real people he/she has performed the procedure on. Plastic surgeons are very egotistical and any Plastic Surgeon worth his weight in salt will have before and after pictures of his work.
There are real alternatives to buttock augmentation that aren't expensive, painful or potentially harnful. These Natural Buttock enhancements are generally 100% safe and some are very effective if done properly, if not at least they aren't disfiguring or potentially fatal. Exercises are the most predominate advertised remedies for a small butt. Unfortunately they fall way short of achieving the results most women desire and must be done religiously day in and day out to get any lasting results at all which are minimal.
How to get a Bigger Sexier Butt Naturally

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who Cares About Your Flat Saggy Butt

Who cares about your saggy flat butt? I bet you do don’t you? But why do women care about their behinds, they can’t see them unlike their breasts. Curious questions don’t you think? Surgical buttock enhancement is slowly gaining popularity parallel with breast implants. Women are such vain creatures, especially when compared to men. Men don’t worry when they get dunlap disease or their deep facial wrinkles become more prominent. Men don’t care that their fingernails aren’t perfectly manicured or if there’s a smidgeon of dirt under them. Men don’t care that their hairstyle isn’t quite up to date or just perfectly combed. Pedicures? No real man would do that either right?

Well if men don’t care much about anything then why should women? Well most men do care about how one thing looks! Their women! That’s why women care so much about their appearance is because men care. Women continually fuss over the size and shape of their breasts, thighs, legs, belly, arms and yes even their butts. Men care about their butts too don’t you think?

Next time you’re at a mall or anywhere public find a well built woman and just watch as they pass the men. The men invariably will turn their heads to check them out as they pass. Now they aren’t checking out their breasts because they are on the front side, they’re looking to see if she looks as good going as she did coming. Strange I know but oh so true. That’s why women care about their butts. Women love to be noticed for good things like their looks and men are ever present to notice the attributes.

For the past decade or so it has become so ever prevailant that a woman have a nice backside and I don’t just mean petite but rather the opposite. For some the bigger the booty the better as the old saying goes “she’s packing” or she’s got junk in her trunk”. A slimmer waistline and a nice firm round booty is the style of todays real woman. Kim Kardashian, J Lo, Beyonce and others have made a fashion statement out of having a plumper butt while still retaining their sex appeal. Even Marilyn Monroe was well endowed in the butt department. Some call this volumptuous others just call it “Hot”.

So the question comes to what can be done about it. Well there’s a myriad of gluteal exercises on the market today and virtually every gym instructor knows a few. But do they work that’s the question? That answer is yes and no! You cant firm up fat tissue and that’s what your buttocks are. You can strengthen the glute muscles which in turn may give you a bit of lift and a harder butt like a body builders but will not give you a bigger and rounder butt. You need to grow fat tissue in your rear. Of course we all know that eating the wrong foods or a steady diet of fast food will give you a bigger butt but unfortunately it will give you a fatter everything else to go along with it. So needless to say the idea of eating your way to a bigger booty is definitely out of the question. Hmmm what’s a girl to do?

Well for those past puberty you may need to increase the estrogen levels in your body to stimulate growth. Now stop! Don’t run down to your doctor and tell him you need more hormone therapy. That’s not the way to do it. What you need is a safe and natural way and that’s called phytoestrogens. They’re safe and all natural plant extracts that have been around for hundreds of years treating a variety of ailments. Fenugreek is the most common of the natural phytoestrogens. Before I go any further let me issue a warning, there are several products being peddled on the market claiming that by taking these extracts you can gain phenomenal increases in the size of your breasts and buttocks. That may be possible but in order to do that you have to take a dosage so large that like eating at fast food joints will give you phenomenal growth in all other areas also.

So now what you ask? Well taken in proper dosages and combined with another extract recently developed called Volufiline you can control where you want to enlarge and shape your body. While the phytoestrogen stimulate the growth of fat taken in proper dosages wont cause growth but when activated with the volufiline allows the growth only in the areas where you apply the volufiline. So you can imagine the possibilities for it’s use right? Now you know How to Get a Bigger Sexier Butt

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beware of How to get a Bigger Butt Internet Scams

I get email all the time from women wanting to enhance their buttocks asking about this product or that product. My first response to them is ok if you're buying it can you Touch it? See it? Feel it? Smell it? Well if you can't then it aint a product!! It's some rehashed made up mumbo jumbo from someone who is trying to get in your pocketbook and steal your hard earned money!! What am I talking about? I am talking about the biggest scam to hit the internet E BOOKS. Instantly downloadable information after your money is sucked out of your account. For instance just search "How to Get a Bigger Butt" on google or most any other search engine and see what you find. That's right!! Nothing but people peddling ebooks on how to make your butt bigger. Is this legal?? Absolutely! As long as they give you a product (ebook) for your hard earned money it is. Can you get a refund if you're not satisfied? If you can get an act of congress maybe. But wait you don't have a product to give back to them just a link to some site where you can download the ebook. Most ebooks start at around $37 but discount to $19 instantly some sophisticated ones have a pop up that states "WAIT" we want to give you a discount today. Some even advertise only 23 left at this price!! Or some other made up number. The ebooks look legit in pictures on the web site but hey anyone can make an ebook cover just search "ebook covers" on google Then there are all these "How to" sites and affiliate marketers trying to make a buck advertising these ebooks by doing phony product reviews and supposedly offering professional opinions. The list goes on and on. Who are these people peddling the ebooks? Well I would imagine they are not who they say they are. How to get a Bigger Butt search provided over 11 million responses on the subject, after reading the first two pages on google I found absolutely "NO REAL PRODUCTS" just a bunch of made up mumbo jumbo about Gluteus to the Maximus and a whole bunch of exercises. I assuse they were referring to the gluteous muscles. Truth be told all of these exercise ebooks are probably offered by some cow sitting on the couch eating Bon Bons using clever pen names like Joe Universe or Juan Pierre etc. etc. claiming to be authentic personal trainers or fitness instructors and certainly all the information contained in these ebooks can be found for FREE on the internet. How do you think they got it in the first place. My advice-Don't waste your time and MONEY on these ebooks!!

 There are legitimate REAL ways to enlarge lift tone and shape your buttocks.

The above article is just the opinions of the author. All names are purely ficticious and in no way meant to depict any real person

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bigger Firmer Rounder Sexier Butt

Why are women so obsessed over their butts? Well in my opinion women want to look as good going as they do coming. It’s a fact that men now prefer a woman to have a nice derrier’. In times past men (and women) were only obsessed with the size of their breasts and for good reason but in recent years more emphasis has been put on the buttocks.
We’ve all heard the terms big booty or she’s packing right! Even junk in her trunk became a common term for a woman with a bigger butt. How about this one “more cushion for the pushin” another popular slang term for a big round booty. Well these terms have become the “norm” in todays society. No longer is a flat or unflattering butt acceptable. Woman are considered more desirable and attractive when their butts are round firm and protruding. Yes curves are in now!!
Take a look at todays most popular celebritys to see where the trend is going. Beyonce’, J Lo, and let us not forget Kim Kardashian, what do they all have in common? That’s right a nice big firm butt! Skinny is out and volumptuous is definitely in. No longer will a flat ,saggy or small butt suffice. If you don’t have a full smooth and firm butt well let’s just say you’re not quite as desirable. But there is help out there.
Butt implants and fat augmentation are fairly common but with less than consistent results. They’re not only costly (upwards of $5k) but they’re painful and not considered permanent as they tend to shift, leak and get lumpy. So what’s a girl to do? Well there are some good exercise regimens out there but the problem with exercising is it’s good to strengthen the gluteous maximus muscles which will give you some lift but add absolutely no volume and that’s what you want is volume.
I have talked with some girls who tried to eat their way to a bigger butt but the problem with that is you get bigger everywhere else too!! There are some pill supplements on the market that claim to enlarge the butt however common sense tells us that how does the pill know to work just on the butt? That’s right it doesn’t and that’s if it really works at all which is highly doubtful. There is a new product on the market that has been clinically tested and appears to have a lot of promise. It is called Luv My Butt . This product makes sense and has been clinically tested so that adds some legitimacy to it. I don’t know all the particulars of it but they do have a website I intend to check them out maybe you should too. That is if you’re serious about getting that sexy butt in time for bikini weather!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Butt and Nothing but the Butt

This blog is dedicated to all sisters who want to have the Perfect Butt

How can you get a bigger sexier and firmer Butt
Women can be very vain creatures and in particular to their body image. While most of the focus has been on their breasts and rightly so, more and more women are becoming aware of their rear end image as well. With the popularity of such celebrity’s such as Beyonce’, Kim Kardashian, J-Lo and many others who sport a round smooth butt women are paying more attention to their buttocks. For many it is cult like and a large butt is a status symbol.
 The competition is fierce for those wanting to attract the opposite sex by sporting a big bubble butt. This is more prevailant amongst  African American females but the desire is growing in other ethnicities as well. There are ways to increase the buttocks with the most prevailant being exercise regimens but I have yet to see an exercise program do little more than increase the glutes and not add any size.
Then there are the vitamin pills, well we all could use good vitamins but not to increase our butt size. Not that they aren’t capable of growing fat but maybe in all the wrong places too. You can eat your way to a bigger booty but you’ll most likely have a bigger everything else too! Then there are the butt implants and fat augmentation procedures. Painful, costly and not permanent just like breast implants, results vary greatly too. Could you imagine sitting on a bag of saline or silicone? Brazillian butt lift is very popular and no it’s not a product but rather a style.
So what’s a woman to do you ask? Well there may be a program on the market that does what it advertises. You see there are no singular products or exercise regimen that  will give measureable results by themselves. A combination of natural supplements containing Fenugreek, phytoestrogen, a miracle product containing the extract Volufiline in sufficient volume to produce fast results and an easy exercise regimen to strengthen the butt muscles to properly hold up the added volume.
Ther is such a new product on the market and it’s not available in stores. It is appropriately named LuvMyButt and is distributed by the Thomson Development Group. Last time I checked their website was not live but I believe they were going live around the 10th of January 2011. is their URL. I was told that given the amazing results it was very competitive in it’s pricing.